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Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin takes the lead in this week’s Strange hall of shame. The actor threw a hissy fit after being told to turn off his phone on an American Airlines flight preparing to depart from LAX. Not wanting to be stopped from playing ‘Words With Friends’ on his mobile, he got himself thrown off the aircraft and did what any self-respecting individual would do – he tweeted about it. American Airlines later issued a statement saying Baldwin had slammed the lavatory door so hard that the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, resulting in the passenger being removed from the flight and denied boarding. Baldwin is not alone – the Washington Post names and shames more badly behaved flying celebrities.

After the incident, Baldwin deactivated his Twitter account. In this animated video, the creative folks at Taiwanese web site Next Media Animation offer their take on the story:

In a story that shook the Hill, FAA administrator Randy Babbit failed to tell his bosses (including President Obama) that he had been arrested for driving under the influence. It wasn’t long before the story went public, resulting in the 65-year old resigning from his post.  Aviation Week’s Andrew Compart earlier this week commented on Babbit’s little mistake.

Ever wondered what would happen if five grenades are found in a passenger’s luggage?  Nothing, apparently. According to the Telegraph, a female passenger surrendered five grenades to TSA officials after they were found in her luggage, but offered no explanation as to why she was carrying them in the first place. The TSA says it wasn’t part of any terror plot, there were no delays or lockdowns, and no arrests were made.

Meanwhile, over in Venezuela, a suicidal donkey walked onto the runway just as a Tiara Air Aruba aircraft was taking off. The aircraft, carrying 29 passengers, continued its journey to Aruba where it landed safely, according to the Aviation Herald.

A frisky off-duty Qantas pilot is being investigated by the airline after reports emerged that he got a little too comfortable in his first class seat with a female passenger on board flight QF32 from London to Singapore. He was sent to the back of the plane after a “flood of complaints” from fellow passengers. The Herard Sun quotes a Qantas spokeswoman as saying that an “interaction of that nature is something that wouldn’t be sanctioned” by the airline. Meanwhile, his union has vowed to defend him: “The rights of this member, like any other, will be defended by AIPA should the need arise”.

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