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Thuraya offers mission critical communications through CRYPTTIA smartphone-based command and control system : Thuraya Telecommunications Company today announced the launch of CRYPTTIA, a unique command and control platform developed by EYEONIX SA.

For the first time smartphone users can use unified Thuraya and cellular networks for mission critical, crisis management, defense and civil protection operations. CRYPTTIA is a global platform combining both terrestrial and satellite voice technologies to bring push to talk servicesto smartphone users.

CRYPTTIA is an IP-based end to end solution which offers “bring your own device” (BYOD)capability for fast and reliable communicationsin mission critical environments. It offers speed of deployment and ease of use.CRYPTTIA is the only platform that can be fully operational, from scratch, in less than four hoursas a mission critical unified system.

The portable version, which is deployable in less than five minutes, serves as a fully operational command, control and decision support system. It requires less than one day to train mobile users, command and control center training is completed in three days, and administrator training takes five days.

Bilal Hamoui, Thuraya Chief Commercial Officer, said: “With CRYPTTIA, Thuraya has now addeda very powerful turn-key solution to its government and mission critical portfolio. Distributors can increase revenues by adding mission critical data for existing users; and by attracting new government organizations and agencies, who will value the range of services available on CRYPTTIA.”

Andreas Katsigiannis, EYEONIX General Managersaid: “We are proud to introduce the CRYPTTIA platform of services toThuraya’s solutions portfolio. Through the CRYPTTIA platform,Thuraya will deliver the best solution in the marketplace, offering BYOD in mission critical IoT.CRYPTTIA delivers speechless incident and emergency management.”

NATO security-certified,CRYPTTIA guarantees optimal security for both call and data exchange, and is used for high level, top secret military intelligence and counter espionage.
Agents are untraceable in the field, because of the uniquetask and incident management module, which can be automated and preconfigured, to coordinate a mission or an emergency automatically.

CRYPTTIA is a speechless system: command center executives receive updates and task completion datathrough a configurable, color coded status levelsystem. It can send and receive live images, and store and forward videos. When voice or text exchange is required, push to talk (PTT) voice and short message service communications for group and private users are always to hand.

Certified by Thurayafor added value system security and compliance, CRYPTTIA is a cost efficient solution that operates at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

WithApplication Interface (API) or Interface Control Document (ICD), CRYPTTIA can integratethird party networks (TETRA, DMR, UHF); platforms (command centers or surveillance systems); andunmanned platforms (UAVs, sUAVs and drones). CRYPTTIA delivers geolocation, tracking, and geofencing.

By upgrading their field smartphones, users can future proof their systems. Additional features include near field communication, man down alarm and lone fighter. For secure communication for highest level, mission critical use, CRYPTTIA offers end to end encryption through four layers of communication security.

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