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FAA approval for Bombardier’s Global 7500

aerobd.news : The new flagship business jet from Bombardier, the Global 7500, has been granted FAA certification. The jet should enter service later in 2018. “This milestone is the latest accomplishment for our award-winning Global 7500 business jet, which has been exceeding expectations on every level,” said Michel Ouellette, senior vice president of Bombardier’s Global 7500 and Global 8000 program. “The Global 7500 business jet has proved itself as the highest-performing aircraft in the industry and promises to revolutionize the market and significantly change the business aviation landscape.” Bombardier says highlights of the Global 7500 include its smooth ride and spaciousness. The interior features a full-size galley and four living spaces. The Global 7500 also debuts Bombardier’s patented Nuage seat, which will be exclusive to the new Global family. The aircraft received a 2018 Red Dot Award for product design.

“Obtaining the Global 7500 aircraft type certification from the FAA marks one of the final chapters in our very successful development program,” said Stephen McCullough, vice president of integrated product development for the Global 7500 and Global 8000 program at Bombardier. “Achieving this latest milestone is a direct result of the commitment to excellence of the highly skilled employees who worked on the program, and our solid collaboration with our suppliers.” Earlier in 2018, the Global 7500 expanded its advertised range to 7,700 nautical miles, which is 300 nautical miles further than initial commitments. It also exceeded take-off and landing performance commitments, facilitating access to challenging airports such as Chicago Executive in Michigan, and Eagle County in Colorado, even in adverse weather conditions.

source : Business Jet Interiors International

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