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Results of MAKS-2019 : The XI V International Aviation and Space Salon, which was held from August 27 to September 01, 2019, completed its work. The value of contracts and agreements signed during the days of the salon exceeded 250 billion rubles, the business potential of the event is estimated at 400 billion rubles. The exhibition was visited by 578 thousand 810 participants and guests.

Visit to MAKS-2019 by President of Russia V. Putin and President of Turkey R.T. Erdogan

MAX-2019 began its work on Tuesday, August 27. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan greeted at the opening ceremony, examined the exhibits of air show participants and familiarized themselves with aviation equipment: the latest Russian Su-57 fighter, Su-35 fighter, Ka-62 medium helicopter, and heavy helicopter Mi-38, Be-200 amphibious aircraft. The presidents boarded the MS-21 medium-range passenger aircraft, examined the cockpit and the airliner. During a visit to the pavilion of Roscosmos, they got acquainted with the products of enterprises of NPO them. Lavochkina, RSC Energia and Energomash. The heads of the two states watched the flight program of the air show, in which among the samples of Russian aircraft were presented a prototype of the medium-range MC-21-300 aircraft, the first production helicopter Mi-38 and fifth-generation fighters Su-57.

Vladimir Putin in his speech expressed confidence that foreign partners would be interested in the achievements of the Russian aviation industry and the technical capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which would open up new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. “We deeply appreciate the international attention to the Russian air show, we see in this a recognition of the high intellectual, scientific, technical and export potential of our country, its unique aircraft manufacturing traditions, which allow Russia to remain among the world flagships in the aerospace industry,” Putin emphasized. He also added that “the prospects of the aircraft industry largely depend on broad international cooperation, on the close integration of the development of our designers, scientists, and the efficient use of production capacities.” In turn, R.T. Erdogan said that “cooperation with Russia will give impetus to a new development of events – both in the aviation sector and in the field of space technology.”

Commenting on the bilateral talks held at the MAKS, V. Putin said that he had discussed with the Turkish President the possibilities of developing military-technical cooperation. “We talked about cooperation on the Su-35 and on the possible work even on the new Su-57,” Putin said at a press conference following the talks. “We have many opportunities, we have demonstrated new weapon systems and new electronic warfare systems.” . “A lot, in my opinion, interested our Turkish partners, not only in terms of acquisition, but also in terms of joint production,” he added. The issues of cooperation in the military-technical and civil spheres were also discussed.

Exhibition program MAKS-2019

International aerospace showrooms deservedly occupy a prominent place among the largest and most prestigious aerospace exhibitions in the world. Confirming this high status, MAKS-2019 brought together 827 exhibitors from 33 countries, including 184 foreign companies. For the first time in the history of MAKS showrooms, the exhibition is held with the partnership of the People’s Republic of China. In a specially erected pavilion with an area of ​​3 thousand square meters The expositions of the largest aerospace companies in China are located. Nine national pavilions were also formed. The leaders of the Russian aviation and space industries, the largest world manufacturers presented their products on an area of ​​26.5 thousand square meters. in pavilions and 45 thousand sq.m. open areas and static parking.

The MAKS-2019 key event was the world premiere of the medium-range passenger aircraft MS-21-300. Two aircraft, including the third flight model on which the passenger cabin is mounted, are shown in a static parking lot. Another plane took part in the flight program. A model of the promising Russian-Chinese wide-body long-range CR929 aircraft was first shown in Russia. The layout includes a crew cabin, fragments of salons of the first, business and economic classes, office space. Four fifth-generation fighters Su-57 took part in demonstration flights. For the first time, the export version of the Su-57E is also shown in a static parking lot. The IL-78M-90A convertible tanker is also on display for the first time.

Russian Helicopters Holding presented a number of new products, including the first Ka-62 multi-purpose helicopter, which was shown for the first time in flight, for the first time in the exhibition, the first production model of the Mi-38 with an increased comfort cabin took part. Ansat helicopter was demonstrated with the VVIP cabin, developed in partnership with the NAMI institute, the creator of Aurus limousines. The static parking lot shows the perspective heavy UAV Orion-2 and the export UAV Orion-E.

Foreign aircraft manufacturers presented a number of aircraft that had not previously been demonstrated in Russia. Among them are the short-haul liner Embraer E-195E2 in Tech Lion color, the business jet Pilatus PC-24, capable of being based on unpaved airfields and the light aircraft Piper M500. The wide-body Airbus A350-900 aircraft already participated in the MAKS showrooms, but in 2019, elements of the Airbus Connected Experience solution were shown. For the first time, special exhibitions and sections on general aviation were organized within the framework of the MAKS, in which about 50 light and ultra-light aircraft were demonstrated, on unmanned aerial systems, with the participation of developers and manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles, operators of unmanned aerial systems. Collective expositions of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Samara and Ulyanovsk Regions, and the Perm Territory were formed in the pavilion “Aviation Regions of Russia”.

Business program

Both domestic and foreign participants noted an increase in business activity, an increase in the intensity of negotiations and meetings compared to previous MAKS salons. For the first three days of work – the so-called days of specialists – the exhibition was visited by 143.5 thousand specialists, which significantly exceeds the performance of past years. Members of 120 official delegations arriving through the Rosoboronexport line got acquainted with the products of Russian companies. In the days of the exhibition, about 90 conferences, seminars, round tables, and strategic sessions were held, with over 2000 specialists participating. A number of scientific events organized by TsAGI, VIAM and GosNIIAS institutes were held as part of MAKS-2019 at external sites. For the third time, the Eurasian Aerospace Congress was organized by the Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters and the Government of the Samara Region. The event gathered over 700 delegates.

For the first time, within the framework of MAKS, the Future Hub / “University Science and Aviation and Technical Creativity of Youth” section was organized. On its site, more than 40 events took place, over 2500 people took part in them. In addition to conferences and round tables devoted to personnel issues, the training of engineering and scientific personnel, career guidance events, open lectures and master classes were held. The third time was “Student’s Day.” On Friday, August 30, about 7 thousand full-time students of higher and secondary special educational institutions took the opportunity to visit the exhibition for free.

By tradition, MAKS has become the venue for the conclusion of contracts and agreements for the supply of aircraft, documents laying the foundation for further mutually beneficial cooperation. The largest deals were made on MS-21 and Superjet 100 aircraft, Mi-8AMT and Ansat helicopters. Cooperation agreements with major Russian aircraft manufacturers were signed by Novikombank, the general financial partner of the salon. The signed agreements are estimated at 248 billion rubles. The clients of the business meeting appointment service in the MatchMaking format, which this year was held primarily in the interests of small and medium-sized businesses, worked fruitfully. 256 meetings were held, the business potential of which, according to a survey of exhibitors, amounted to more than 8 billion rubles. In total, over 3,000 business meetings in special formats took place at the air show. The total business potential of MAKS-2019 is estimated at 400 billion rubles, not counting the negotiations held through military-technical cooperation. The latter, according to the Rosoboronexport special exporter, are estimated at billions of dollars.

Demo program

A busy flight program traditionally highlights MAKS in a series of large international exhibitions. During MAKS-2019, aerobatic aerobatics groups of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation “Russian Knights”, “Falcons of Russia” and “Swifts” presented their skills. The program “Aerial combat with elements of super-maneuverability”, carried out by two Su-30SM fighters of the Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy, is presented for the first time. The aerobatic programs were performed by the aerobatic teams Rus, First Flight, Hummingbirds and guests from the Baltic – Baltic Bees Jet Team and ANBO. A novelty of the MAKS-2019 was the holding of aerobatics competitions in single-engine piston aircraft. The best Russian athletes selected during the qualifying round held in July fought for the prize of the MAKS-2019 Cup. The victory in the competition was won by the gold medalist of the European Championship in 2019 Dmitry Samokhvalov.

The flight program was attended by 81 aircraft, including 39 aircraft in eight aerobatic teams. In the static parking of MAKS-2019, 133 aircraft were presented. Taking into account the fact that part of the aircraft and helicopters was demonstrated both in the static parking and in the flight display, the total number of aircraft represented reached 202. Thanks to the highly professional work of members of the interdepartmental commission, specialists of the LII named after M. Gromov, Aviaprom OJSC and Aviasalon OJSC, a high level of flight safety was ensured.

General issues

The salon in 2019 aroused record high interest from professionals and aviation enthusiasts. The total number of visitors to the event exceeded 578,810 people. For the comfortable delivery of participants and guests of the event, the State Unitary Enterprise “Mostransavto” organized the movement of large-capacity buses. In the first three days, communication was carried out along two special routes, and on days of a mass visit, along four routes connecting two checkpoints of the exhibition complex with two railway platforms, intercepting a parking lot in Bykovo and with a stop in Zhukovsky. During the days of the mass visit, 84 buses ran along the routes, including 45 on the line connecting the Otdykh platform to the exhibition complex. The railway service, organized by the Central Passenger Commuter Company, worked on peak days on public days. Additional trains were assigned for guests arriving by cars.

For the first time in 2019, it was possible to get to the MAX by helicopter taxi. In six days, HeliExpress transported 150 people from the Podushkino helipark in the Odintsovo district to the exhibition and back. In carrying out the events of MAKS-2019, 300 volunteers, selected from among pupils and students of the Moscow region, provided substantial assistance. In order to ensure a comfortable stay for visitors at the exhibition complex, the organizers of the Salon have deployed a network of catering outlets offering a varied menu. Public and anti-terrorism security during the days of MAKS-2019 in the territory of the LII named after Gromov and the urban district of Zhukovsky were provided by 2550 police officers, servicemen of the Russian Guard. From the air, the territory of the exhibition complex was monitored by a helicopter and a balloon. In the days of the Salon of emergency events and offenses are not allowed.

Given the high public interest in aviation, the organizers of MAKS-2019 accredited 3,100 media employees and independent journalists from 594 Russian and 238 foreign media outlets, including 103 Russian and foreign television channels, to work at the salon. The official accounts of MAKS-2019 in the largest social networks allowed subscribers to follow the news and exchange opinions.

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