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Aviation & TravelCommonFleetHelicopterMilitary & DefenseMRO : Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) is completing the creation of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) center for Mi-8/17 helicopters based at the facilities of

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KC-46 refueling F-15E
Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & Defense : Boeing’s KC-46 tanker program has completed its planned Phase II receiver certification flight testing following three weeks of test flights with F-15 aircraft out of Edwards Air Force

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CommonF1 & Motor VehicleMilitary & Defense : As the US Army seeks to modernize its methods by developing autonomous solutions for the battlefield, finding the hardware tough enough to survive the rigors of war is

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Adjustments are made to a model of a GBU-31 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) before F-35 Lightning II store separation testing resumes at Arnold Engineering Development's (AEDC) four-foot transonic wind tunnel. (Photo by Rick Goodfriend)
Aviation & TravelCommonFeaturedMilitary & Defense : Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) in Tennessee is celebrating 50 years of service for its 4T wind tunnel, which has been used for the development of new weapons

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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Photo by Kaszynski
FP150355 Reed   
Event: AM-01 Gov Flight 1    
Customer: Allie Reed Murray, F-35 Communications   
Location: Fort Worth, TX  
Pilot: Lt Col. Parzych
Aviation & TravelCommonFifth Gen FighterMilitary & Defense : GKN Aerospace Norway today announced that it has signed an eight-year agreement with Pratt & Whitney for the production of diffuser cases, low pressure turbine cases and shafts

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Autonomous powered paragliders are one of the technologies being developed to resupply troops (Image: Banard Microsystems)
Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & DefenseUnmanned Air System (UAS) : UK troops are testing over 70 examples of technology including drones for enhanced surveillance and resupplying in the battlefield. The four-week Autonomous Warrior experiment at Salisbury Plains, Wiltshire

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Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & DefenseTest Flight : Hindustan Aeronautics has started the spin testing of its HTT 40 basic trainer aircraft with the successful execution of two turn spins and their recoveries. The spin testing

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Corey Boltz, Air Force Research Laboratory electrical engineer, makes final adjustments before conducting a proof-of-concept arc test in preparation for follow-up testing to support a NASA research effort. (US Air Force photo by Holly Jordan)
Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & DefenseSpace & Satellite : A group of engineers at the US Air Force Research Laboratory has helped NASA determine the effects of unintended electrical arcing on astronaut spacesuits during extravehicular maintenance using

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The SARA optionally-piloted helicopter during US Army test flights (Image: Sikorsky)
Aviation & TravelCommonHelicopterMilitary & DefenseTest Flight : Pilots from the US Army have successfully demonstrated several autonomous functions of an optionally-piloted helicopter for the first time. The series of flights by the Sikorsky Autonomy Research

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Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & DefenseSpace & Satellite : Harris Corp. [HRS] has delivered its sixth advanced navigation payload to Lockheed Martin [LMT] as part of the Air Force’s GPS III satellite program, the company said Nov.

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Nucleus at the moment of launch from Andøya Space Center (Image: Nammo)
CommonMilitary & DefenseWeapon : Norwegian aerospace and defense company Nammo has launched its Nucleus rocket, which is powered by a hybrid rocket motor, for the first time. The rocket was launched from

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CommonMilitary & DefenseWeapon : The Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH), part of the Rostec, has created a 9x21mm pistol that may replace the legendary Makarov handgun. The new pistol

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