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G450 production to end, making way for the G500

G450 production to end, making way for the G500
aerobd.news : Gulfstream will end production of the G450 as it prepares to launch the all-new G500. The final G450 is scheduled for delivery to a customer in early 2018. The G450 built on the successes of the GIV and GIV-SP. In total, Gulfstream produced more than 870 GIV, GIV-SP and G450 aircraft, which will continue to be supported and serviced by the company.

“The GIV and G450 ushered in a business aviation renaissance that has led to increased safety, greater reliability, better technology and improved performance,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “It’s fitting that the G500 will replace the G450 and build upon its performance legacy, creating another industry game-changer from Gulfstream.”

The G500 introduces Gulfstream’s Symmetry Flight Deck, is powered by the new Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA engine, and features a Gulfstream-designed wing engineered to enhance performance and fuel efficiency.
The G500 seats up to 19 passengers in three living areas. The aircraft has forward and aft lavatories and a full-size galley that can be located either forward or aft. The aircraft also features 100% fresh air and Gulfstream’s signature oval windows.

The G500 is in the flight test stage, with five aircraft flying. The fourth test aircraft made the fleet’s first trans-Atlantic flight in July 2016, and the fifth is a fully outfitted production aircraft focusing on the cabin interior experience. The G500 is expected to receive type certification in 2017 and begin delivering to customers in 2018. The aircraft can fly 5,000 nautical miles at Mach 0.85 or 3,800 nautical miles at Mach 0.90, and its maximum operating speed is Mach 0.925.

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