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Summary of the Third Day of Aviation Salon MAKS 2021 : The third day of MAKS-2021 was the busiest one in terms of the number of agreements signed for the delivery of aircraft and the provision of maintenance services. Numerous events of the business program attracted attention of the leading specialists of the aerospace industry. Thursday, July 22, offered great weather, therefore, the guests had an opportunity to fully enjoy the demonstration flights.

Contracts and agreements
Rosoboronexport reckoned up the results of its work at MAKS-2021. The company took advantage of MAKS-2021 by signing 13 export contracts for the delivery of Russian military products for more than EUR 1 bn, said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport. There were also presentations of the major types of aircraft, helicopters, means of air defense and radio-electronic warfare promoted for more than 30 delegations from 20 countries. During the negotiations at MAKS-2021 company’s foreign partners showed interest in purchasing MiG-35D and Su-30SME fighters and Il-76MD-90A(E) military transport aircraft, aerial refueling tanker Il-78MK-90A, combat helicopters Mi-28NE, Ka-52, military transport Mi-171Sh and multipurpose Ka-226T, as well as means of air defense, including Pantsir-S1 air-defense missile-gun system. The partners of Rosoboronexport were surely interested in the latest Checkmate light tactical aircraft, which Rostec State Corporation presented for the first time at MAKS-2021.

The State Transport Leasing Company held many negotiations and meetings during the three days of MAKS, and much of the activities took place on Thursday, i.e. 19 IL-114-300 aircraft were intended for the renewal of the United Far East Airline fleet of aircraft and a relevant leasing agreement was signed at the air salon. The Eltsovka aviation enterprise ordered eight Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters. In addition, on Thursday GTLK leased out the Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter to Convers Avia Airline.

Russian Helicopters Holding signed a contract for the supply of nine Mi-38PS helicopters for the Russian Emergency Ministry. The Arctic version of helicopter features unprecedented capabilities: it is able to fly up to 750 kilometers with a crew and three rescuers, evacuate people in distress and fly back to the base. Using a special purpose equipment Mi-38PS will be able to extinguish fires and eliminate consequences of accidental oil spills. They are supposed to be delivered by 2024.

In addition, the helicopter manufacturers signed a strategic cooperation agreement with PJSC Gazprom for the supply of certified domestic-made Mi-171A3 maritime helicopters. Pursuant to the agreement, Russian Helicopters will make a prototype checkout of Mi-171A3 and take care of serial production and certification of the helicopters. Gazprom intends to purchase Mi-171A3 helicopters as needed and to place repair and maintenance orders. The new units are supposed to be used for operation on the continental shelf fields. The first lot will include 16 helicopters.

On the sidelines of MAKS-2021 the United Engine Corporation signed a pool of agreements for repair services. For example, UEC Saturn will provide after-sales service of SaM146 engines for the entire SSJ-100 aircraft fleet of Red Wings JSC. UEC-Klimov will establish a system of after-sales service and repair of helicopter engines TV3-117 and VK-2500 in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Another agreement signed by the engine-building company from St. Petersburg refers to the joint development of training programs with the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University.

Airbus Company signed the first contract with Air Manas in the CIS to provide pooling and component repair services for the A220 aircraft. The hourly service contract includes access to the Airbus pool of spare parts and repair services.

Earlier Boeing and United Aircraft Corporation announced the implementation of the IATA-approved standardized computerized aircraft performance module for Sukhoi Superjet-100 into the Boeing On-board Performance Tool platform to enhance the efficiency of the aircraft’s takeoff and landing operations. SSJ-100 was the first aircraft manufactured in Russia, where the aircraft performance is calculated using the standardized computerized aircraft performance module developed in joint cooperation. The digital On-Board Performance Tool platform allows pilots and ground personnel to make real-time calculations based on current weather conditions and runway conditions. Another agreement signed by UAC involves the development and supply by Shvabe Holding of a round-the-clock electro-optical sighting system KOEPS-75 for the newest Russian light tactical aircraft Checkmate. Sukhoi and the Program CR929 Engineering Center, a UAC member company, have reached agreements with the Moscow Aviation Institute for testing, developing and making pilot operation of the digital weight design platform created by the institute.

On the third day of MAKS-2021, Novikombank, the general financial partner of the Salon, signed a fundraising agreement with the United Aircraft Corporation for the cooperation under the MS-21 serial production program. The total funding amount will be RUB 20 bn. The bank also signed a fundraising agreement with Russian Helicopters for investment projects totaling RUB 7 bn. Finally, Novikombank and the innovative research and technology center “Composite Valley” entered into a strategic partnership agreement. Pursuant to its terms, Novikombank will provide financial and consulting services for the residents of the research and technology center. In its turn, Semargle will become a partner of UAC in terms of engineering in the field of automation and robotics for process flows, development and production of automated warehouse systems, production and maintenance of crane equipment, as well as production of transport platforms.

Not only aircraft manufacturers use the opportunities offered by the International Aviation and Space Salon to formalize the agreements reached, i.e. Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies will develop cargo transportation based on the capabilities of the Kazan airport.

The large number of agreements signed during the first three days of MAKS confirms the status of the air salon as a large trade show, which demonstrates high values of transactions even against the background of the pandemic.

Business Program
The third day of MAKS-2021 was highlighted be more than 30 conferences, round tables, workshops and presentations. The United Aircraft Corporation held an international conference “The Significance of Aviation in Fighting Forest and Man-Caused Fires: An International Dialogue” during the apprehensive period of natural fires, which presented an overview of the capabilities of the Russian aviation industry to produce fire-fighting aircraft. Participants noted that there is an increasing demand for aircraft as the most effective firefighting means for large areas.

Technodinamika Holding held a large-scale round table “Prospects of Development of Aviation Simulator Building”, where the participants discussed the problems and areas of development of technical means of training of aircraft staff. Another event organized by the holding was dedicated to the development of parachute systems. The round table “The latest developments of means of airdrop for personnel and cargo, means of rescue in emergency situations, direct deployment” brought together representatives of the Airborne Forces, Federal Security Service, Emergencies Ministry, Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy, the Department of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense of Moscow, the Moscow Aviation Center and other organizations. Furthermore, Technodinamika organized round tables “Prospective Air-launched Weapons” and “Actual Issues of Aviation Industry and Infrastructure Facilities Design”.

On July 22, the II International Online Conference “Mathematical simulation”, organized by the MAI, has finished its work. On the first day of the conference, a section for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers was held. On the second day, there were plenary and breakout sessions on “Mathematical Simulation and Digital Twins” and “Mathematical Simulation of Physical Processes and Phenomena”.

In its turn, the National University of Science and Technology NRTU MISiS held the 3rd International Conference “Additive Technologies for Aerospace 2021” on the platform of MAKS-2021. The event participants discussed the problems of fabrication of 3D products using advanced SLM, SLS, DMD methods, the issues of fabrication composites using additive methods and the prospects of introducing additive ceramic and composite technologies in the industry. A wide range of questions was related to nano-industry.

On Thursday, the official partner of the MAKS-2021 Business Program, Airbus company, held a round table discussion on the topic of decarbonization in the aviation industry. As part of the discussion, Airbus presented its initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emission.

There was a further discussion on the use of unmanned aerial systems in the interests of industries. The conference, organized by ANO Analytical Center AERONET, touched upon the problems of unmanned aerial transportation, while experts from Mil and Kamov National Center for Helicopter Engineering made a presentation of innovative services using helicopter-type UAVs.

General Information
The program of demonstration flights, unified in the days of the public visits, included 15 performances, inter alia a formation flying with domestically manufactured helicopters, aerobatics performed by the Berkuts, Russian Knights and Sarang groups. The program included domestic passenger aircraft MC-21, Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Il-114-300, as well as the European Airbus A350-1000. Su-57s, Su-30SMs and MiG-35s were displayed among aerobatics with other combat aircraft.

On its third day, MAKS-2021 welcomed 16,830 visitors. More than 55 thousand of visitors followed the Salon events at the official site of MAKS, 234 thousand more people read the news and watched the key events of MAKS using the official accounts of the air salon.

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