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Exotrail to debut its SpaceVan™ in-space mobility service on October 2023 SpaceX Falcon 9 mission

aerobd.news :  Exotrail has officially released its new in-space mobility service which is delivered by their SpaceVan™, a unique Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV). The debut SpaceVan™ mission will launch onboard a Falcon 9 rideshare mission in October 2023 following a launch service agreement signed between Exotrail and SpaceX. At least three subsequent missions are planned throughout 2024
onboard multiple different launchers.

Deploying constellations over several planes, altitudes and inclinations often means using dedicated
launch vehicles which dramatically increase launch costs. With the SpaceVan™ mobility service,
satellite operators can now quickly and efficiently deploy their constellations over several different
planes, altitudes, and inclinations, while still taking advantage of significantly cheaper rideshare

Exotrail has leveraged its unique capabilities in flight dynamics, system design and electric propulsion
to create an in-space mobility service. The SpaceVan™ uses Exotrail’s space proven ExoMG™
propulsion system which is a key differentiator from its chemical propulsion OTVs counterparts and
offers up to 1 km/s of deltaV for a payload capacity of up to 400 kg. The SpaceVan™ is able to perform
a typical constellation plane change maneuver in less than 3 months and a 100 km change in just two
weeks. The SpaceVan™ has standard connection interfaces which allows both nanosatellites and
microsatellites to be deployed, as well as offering hosted payload capability.

Exotrail is the only company offering in-house space transportation services that have mastered
advanced electric propulsion technologies and complex flight dynamics. Providing these capabilities
in-house and vertically integrating as a business allows Exotrail to offer satellite operators unmatched
flexibility and performance to solve their mobility needs, as well as exceptional agility to react to
market changes.

With this new mobility service, Exotrail solves customers mobility needs at every stage of the mission
lifecycle and is leading the way in a new world of space logistics.
Exotrail is a France-based space company which designs, develops, and operates end-to-end mobility
solutions for an agile space. Our mission is to enable small satellites to move in space, optimise their
deployment, increase their service performance, and reduce space pollution. This will enable a new
world of sustainable telecommunication, earth observation, space logistics and exploration.
Exotrail’s unique mobility offering allows our customers to:

• Accurately and collaboratively define mobility needs with our intuitive mission and system
design software, ExoOPSTM – Mission Design

• Solve mobility needs with our high-thrust, flexible propulsion system (ExoMGTM), and our in-
space transportation & logistics services, which use our SpaceVanTM vehicle

• Operate solutions with our “flight dynamics-inside” constellation operation automation
software ExoOPSTM – Operations

Exotrail was incorporated in 2017 and has since raised over €20M from prestigious venture capital
funds and public grants. We have customers across the globe including the US, Europe and Asia. Our
team is expanding quickly and consists, of over 60 individuals who are passionate about disrupting
the space industry. We operate out of two locations: Toulouse and Massy (suburb of Paris) in France.

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