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e-News® | The NEWS Company…MOSCOW, Sept 26, 2015 : Russian President Vladimir Putin is maneuvering for a comeback as a major player in global security with his brash military buildup

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e-News® | The NEWS Company…WASHINGTON, Sept 26, 2015 : A secret U.S. intelligence assessment provided to the White House predicts that the Kremlin will order military strikes in Syria to help

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e-News® | The NEWS Company…BANGKOK, Sept 26, 2015 : Thai police on Saturday said a foreigner held in custody over last month’s deadly Bangkok attack was the same yellow-shirted man

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e-News® | The NEWS Company…ZHUKOVSKY, Russia, Sept.03, 2015 : Reports in the Russian media, if accurate, have made a bold claim: Moscow’s PAK-FA T-50 fighter could be much closer to joining

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e-News® | The NEWS Company…MOSCOW, Sept.03, 2015 : Three new or derivative weapons were unveiled at the MAKS show last week by Tactical Missiles Corporation (TMC), all designed specifically to fit

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