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The Russian Avtobaza — Iran’s Possible Drone Killer

Russian Avtobaza — Iran’s Possible Drone Killer

Speculation is running rampant after Iran claimed to have shot down a US RQ-170 surveillance drone Sunday, and while Tehran has yet to show proof, it appears their announcement coincides with the delivery of this piece of equipment.
Stephen Trimble from Flight Global reports Russia delivered the Avtobaza ground-based electronic intelligence and jamming system to Iran six-weeks ago.
While most weapons deliveries to Iran are blocked, a jamming system like the Avtobaza is allowed because it’s a passively defensive machine “designed to jam side-looking and fire control radars on aircraft and manipulate the guidance and control systems of incoming enemy missiles.”
Possibly what NATO regulators didn’t plan on was the jammer’s potential as a communications link allowing UAVs to be controlled remotely.
Whether that’s how it was used Sunday is another matter.

AUTHOR : Robert Johnson

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