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CommonMilitary & DefenseWeapon : Techmash (part of Rostec) is ready to adapt ammunition to meet the needs of drone manufacturers. Companies of the concern produce a wide range of air ammunition, such

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Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & DefenseTelecom : Airbus successfully flight tests stratospheric 4G/5G communications for defence applications on high-altitude balloon. Airbus launched the stratospheric balloon in Canada and flew it at altitudes up to 21km

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CommonMilitary & DefenseWeapon : Techmash Concern (part of Rostec) is developing a concept for a new 152 mm correctable artillery projectile. Its key feature is trajectory correction in the final stage of

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Royal Navy pilot Commander Nathan Gray makes the first ever F-35 Lightning jet take off from HMS Queen Elizabeth (image: Royal Navy)
Aviation & TravelCommonFifth Gen FighterMilitary & Defense : The first F-35s have landed on the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth during tests being conducted off the east coast of the USA. The take-off and landing

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Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & Defense : Lufthansa Technik has converted an A321 for the German Armed Forces, to be used for military and political/parliamentary missions. The A321 is an 18-year-old former Lufthansa aircraft, called

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Aviation & TravelCommonMilitary & Defense : A G550 designed and modified by Gulfstream to support telemetry range support missions, has been delivered to the United States Navy. The aircraft includes a “wide array of

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