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The world’s most powerful racing car makes world debut in London

Project director Richard Noble next to the 1,000mph machine
Project director Richard Noble next to the 1,000mph machine #thenewscompany

e-News® | The NEWS Company…Inverness (Scotland) 30 Sept, 2015 : Around 8,000 people are expected to come to see the 1,000mph car on display. At top speed, it is capable of getting from London to Glasgow in less than half an hour. Now the world’s most powerful racing car, Bloodhound, has been unveiled for the first time in London. The £10 million, UK-built supercar can reach up to 1,000mph and is expected to shatter the world land speed record.

Check out the video above to see a timelapse of the car being built.

Assembled after eight years of research, design and manufacture by 350 companies and universities, Bloodhound will generate thrust horsepower equivalent to 180 F1 cars and can cover a mile in 3.6 seconds. Around 8,000 people are expected to see it on display in Canary Wharf, before it begins 200mph trials in Cornwall next year.

Following that, it will hit the deserts of South Africa for a series of high-speed tests in an effort to overcome the current record, whcih stands at 763mph. Piloting the record attempt will be a man who has plenty of experience in the area – Andy Green, who set the 763mph benchmark in Thrust SSC in Nevada, 1997. Bloodhound’s project director is another record-breaking veteran, Richard Noble, the driver of Thrust 2, which broke the record in 1983.

The car is served by a Rolls-Royce EJ2000 jet from a Eurofighter Typhoon, a cluster of Nammo hybrid rockets and a Jaguar V engine that drives the rocket oxidiser pump. Its cockpit is a huge monocoque pieced together with layers of carbon fibre, also sporting a sophisticated digital dashboard. The pencil-shaped car will be 44ft (13.4m) long, 6ft (183cm) in diameter and weigh 7.5 tonnes.

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