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KC-46 tanker test flight refuels Harrier II

US Air Force’s KC-46A is a multirole tanker

AeroBD | The AERO news Company… : The KC-46 Pegasus test program has demonstrated that it can refuel US Marine Corps Harrier II Jump Jets. Using its hose-and-drogue system, located on both the tanker’s wing and centerline, the KC-46 can refuel a variety of smaller aircraft with up to 400 US gal/min. According to Boeing, the boom allows the tanker to transfer up to 1,200 US gal/min.

So far, the KC-46 has refueled multiple aircraft including an USAF F-16 and a US Navy F-18A Super Hornet. The KC-46A is set to begin to refuel other military aircraft such as C-17 and A-10. The US Air Force’s KC-46A is a multirole tanker able to refuel all allied and coalition military aircraft and can be used for transportation of passengers, cargo and patients. The tanker is intended to replace the US Air Force’s ageing tanker fleet.


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