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EUROPEAN ROTORS provides helicopter industry training and recruitment opportunities : In response to the way the industry is progressing, the organisers of EUROPEAN ROTORS recognise the importance of workforce development, and have made strategic decisions to ensure the subject is central to the event.  It is most important that we have suitably-skilled and well-educated people needed in every successful VTOL business.

To meet that demand, EUROPEAN ROTORS has scheduled a Training Day focusing on the promotion of safer helicopter operations, and a Career Day looking for the next generation of pilots and engineers.

Training Day – Expanding the prior missions of EUROPEAN ROTORS

On Monday 7 November, the day prior to the exhibition opening, EUROPEAN ROTORS is organising a Training Day at Kölnmesse right opposite to hall 8, and is part of the organisers’ – EHA and EASA – intention to promote safety in VTOL operations.  Renown professionals from both the industry and training organisations will hold lectures on a range of key topics to both promote safety and also to offer important educational content.  This will address the requirements for a range of visitors, including pilots, maintenance technicians and aerospace engineers and key post holders including accountable managers.

Courses on the Training Day include

  • Auditor Refresher by AeroEx
  • Helicopter SAR Operational Management Systems by Search & Rescue International
  • Maintenance Check Flight Training by CopterSafety.
  • Nominated Postholder Course by British Helicopter Association

Everybody booking a paid training course will get free access to all the three show days.

Career Day – “the event within the event”

Two days later on Wednesday 9 November, EUROPEAN ROTORS will hold a Careers Day, in the same area on the 2nd floor of the Conference Centre North as the Training Day.  This initiative is aimed both at attracting a wider range of people into the industry as well as encouraging those already working with helicopters to develop their careers by hearing about new opportunities.

The Careers Day will include organisations making presentations about the future plans of their business, bringing insight to future opportunities – whether this be new initiatives, or an expansion of existing work by gaining a new operational contract.   For more immediate requirements, organisations seeking to recruit for specific vacancies will have an area available for 1-1 interviews.

Exhibitors are being given the opportunity to participate in the Careers Day by booking a desk for interviews, or an area in which to hold a presentation.  Additionally, the interactive platform of EUROPEAN ROTORS offers a dedicated section for Careers in which relevant content can be posted.

The organisers are working with a selection of schools and universities to encourage students to attend, and a social media campaign will further attract younger visitors to come to the Career Day.

Show Director Dr. Frank Liemandt adds: “We are very keen to build EUROPEAN ROTORS into an event that supports the helicopter industry of Europe in as many ways as possible. When we asked our partners last year what the major challenge is for their businesses in the coming years, they all replied: ‘The lack of talent’. This clearly convinced us to organise something special in response to this request – our Career Day.  The Monday sessions have two intentions. First to expand our educational program and second to move the full day courses in rooms away from the real show where everybody is keen on connecting, walking EUROPEAN ROTORS and visiting the EASA Rotorcraft Symposium.”


EUROPEAN ROTORS – The VTOL show and safety conference – brings together every aspect of the rotorcraft industry in Europe.  The event sees the European Helicopter Association (EHA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) partnering to bring the helicopter industry the most substantial trade event outside the USA.  This exceptional showcase for the European rotorcraft community has the full support of the leading OEMs such as Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Leonardo and Safran, as well as being co-located with the well-established EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium.  With three parallel conference streams, and dedicated areas for eVTOL, autonomous operations and other key future technologies, EUROPEAN ROTORS is already the “go to” event for suppliers of helicopters, parts, services and every other aspect of the industry.

EUROPEAN ROTORS – The VTOL Show and Safety Conference – is looking ahead to its second iteration, which will be held from 8 to 10 November 2022 in Cologne, Germany.

Messe Friedrichshafen, the organiser of the well-known General Aviation show AERO Friedrichshafen, is the service provider for the event.

EUROPEAN ROTORS is held annually in November.

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