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Americas Competitiveness Forum 2014 Announced


e-News® | The NEWS Company… : The proposed logo depicts the importance of idea generation and innovation as essential components to the achievement of economic competitiveness in the Americas. The illustrative technique used in execution of this logo also depicts the concept that many great ideas begin with a simple sketch. The use of the light bulb as the universal symbol of an idea is integrated with a depiction of planet earth, thus visually embodying the objectives of the forum and more importantly, the theme of 2014. The human face is included in the design to underscore the important role that each citizen of our hemisphere must play in driving competitiveness and powering innovation.

Theme: The Human Imagination at Work: Driving Competitiveness, Powering Innovation

Brain power and the creative power of the human imagination are now the drivers of competitive advantage as innovation and talent have become local as well as global assets. Innovation is a process result and imagination is the fuel on which it works. Innovation cannot be created without imagination.

Human imagination focuses on the creative aspect of human capital – innovation and entrepreneurship. From the term human imagination the following elements emerge: Creativity, Innovation, Competitiveness, Science, Research and Technology.

“The critical thinker asks questions about the world as it is and addresses alternative ways of seeing, of doing, of being. The creative thinker looks at ways and means of doing new things. Both are vital for innovation…because creativity drives innovation; innovation is not simply about supply, demand and consumption. Innovation is also about creating a value proposition to meet social needs and in the process finding and unearthing further untapped markets.”

—Senator Dr. the Honourable Bhoendradatt Tewarie, Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development, Managing Talent: Key Element for Innovation and Prosperity, address at the VI Americas Competitiveness Forum.

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