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First flight of Airbus Helicopters’ EC645 T2

Airbus helicopter EC645T2
e-News® | The NEWS Company.. :  Airbus Helicopters’ newest lightweight military multi-role helicopter, the EC645 T2 (LUH SOF), has successfully completed its first flight. In the presence of representatives of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), which has ordered the first of this new helicopter type, the EC645 T2 demonstrated its flight capabilities at the company’s Donauwörth location in Bavaria.

“This first flight is a milestone in the EC645 T2 program and we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate this event with our customer,” said Ralf Barnscheidt, Head of the German Military Support Center. “We’re right on schedule to deliver the first EC645 T2 helicopters in the coming year. This is also a product of the close-knit collaboration between the Airbus Helicopters and Bundeswehr project teams.”

Main description : The Light Battlefield Support Helicopter

The EC645 T2 is Airbus Helicopters’ latest medium sized military multirole helicopter, offering great power, range, endurance and payload capacity, when operating in 6,000 ft altitude and 95 degree environments, commonly known as “6K/95 high & hot” conditions.  The versatile EC645 T2 is based on the ruggedness, low operating cost and high mission reliability of the certified EC145.


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