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The VL-3 and JMB, JMB are the exciting new company behind the VL-3

The VL-3 and JMB
AeroBD | The AERO news Company…FEB 15, 2016, London : The driving force behind this new company are the Guisset brothers who caught up with GA BUYER EUROPE magazine to discuss the company’s development and the joys of flying the VL-3
The brothers – Jean-Marie and Jean-Baptiste Guisset  – have more than 22 years experience in aviation. They own a private Belgian airfield with a large flight school, maintenance and VL-3 repair facilities. The airfield in Amougies was created as a private airfield in 1968 and taken over by the brother’s Guisset in 1980.
“In 1995 we decided to commercialize the airfield. Our roots were PPL training, GA maintenance and glider towing. In 1998 we decided to enter the UL business. We sold our six GA planes and invested in new UL planes, especially Rans Coyote S6ES. We bought and built over 25 kits.”
The sale of ultralights started in 2008 with the arrival of VL-3 which became a great success. Four years later, in February 2012, we took over the production of VL-3 in the Czech Republic and created the JMB Aircraft company. Today the group has 60 employees in the Czech Republic and 5 in Belgium.
JMB Aviation, the official dealer of VL-3 Evolution for France and Belgium, is based at the private Amougies airfield (EBAM) in Belgium which has a runway of 610 m, plus a 400m² maintenance workshop, 3500m² of hangars, micro light flying school and a restaurant. The airfield is open 7 days week.

VL-3 Evolution: the fastest side by side UL aircraft

With over 20 years of experience in the flying business, JMB Aircraft have redefined ultralights with the VL-3 evolution. The bThe VL-3 is a sporty, safe and reliable touring UL, and with over 200 sold in recent years, it is also successful.
“The VL-3 travels at high speed and high levels.  The flyer can discover new airports throughout Europe, in comfort and safety. We hope they will share new adventures and destinations.  We think the high-end VL-3 evolution ultralight makes a pilot’s dreams a reality.” said Jean-Marie Guisset.
The highly aerodynamic design of this low-wing aircraft makes it extremely forgiving on approach. With a cruising speed up to 145 KTS, a range up to 1 500 NM mil and fuel consumption of 2-4,5 US Gal the VL-3 is the most efficient UL aircraft. The excellent performance was confirmed with a World speed record of 150 KTS average.
JMB apply the highest quality standards in both development and production, be it through the use of certified parts or top quality component manufacture using carbon fibre composite materials. Rising demand has prompted JMB Aircraft to expand production capacity by opening another manufacturing facility. Final assembly line of VL-3 evolution is being moved to a new hanger of 2000 square meters located next to the former facility. The total area is now 4000 square meters. The factory will be able to satisfy more customers now and reduce the delivery period of VL-3. New space will be also used by the research and development department of JMB Aircraft in order to maintain continuous improvement of the product and support future projects.

JMB Aircraft is searching for new dealers

With the expansion of the production capacity in the Czech Republic to 50 aircraft per year and a wider sales network in Europe, JMB Aircraft is now searching for long term trustable partners who have experience in maintenance, flight training and a basic knowledge of avionics. They want to help customers today not tomorrow. Any interested potential partners should make contact via the website.
Technical information:
Cruising speed 145 KTS 270km/h
Stall speed 29 KTS 55 km/h
Rate of Climb 1200 ft/m 6 m/s
Length 20.5 ft 6.24 m
Wing spam 27.7 ft 8.44 m
Total tanks volume 24-32gal 90 – 120 l
VNE 165 KTS 305km/h
Engine power Rotax 912 ULS 100HP
Fuel consumption 2 – 4,5 US gal., 8 – 18 l/h
MI: www.jmbaircraft.com
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