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Ikhana begins flight testing for RWMI DHC-6-300HG

aerobd.news : Ikhana Aircraft Services (Ikhana) carried out the first flight of Twin Otter Series 300 modified to 14,000 lb MTOW (maximum take-off weight) on October 31, 2016. “At this early stage, all indications show we are going to turn a great airplane into an exceptional one.” said John Zublin, president and CEO of Ikhana.

“The flight test pilots were extremely happy with the RWMI DHC-6-300HG performance, especially the added horsepower and quietness of the four bladed propellers. Our next steps will validate the 14,000 MTOW to the rigorous FAA regulations to provide operators increased payload and the opportunity for increased revenues.”

The DHC-6-300HG STC increases the payload capabilities of the basic DHC-6-300 and, potentially, the DHC-6-400 Twin Otter series aircraft, from 12,500 lb (5670kg) to 14,000 lb (6350kg) MTOW. As a Standard Commuter Category STC, DHC-6 Series 300 and, possibly Series 400, aircraft will be approved to operate in revenue service without special purpose restrictions.

Ikhana’s current RWMI DHC-6-300RG/-400RG STC are limited to special missions operations, constraining operators from carrying passengers for revenue service. Ikhana has been a key provider of enhancements for the worldwide DHC-6 Twin Otter fleet with products including the RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Wing Box, RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Fuselage, RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Flight Controls, RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Nacelles, RWMI DHC-6-200HG (allowing DHC-6- 100 and 200 series to operate at 12,500 lb), enhanced air conditioning, upgraded avionics, VIP amenities, cargo handling, camera hatches, and integration of surveillance/patrol systems. Ikhana’s modifications support a variety of customers in executive transport, regional/commuter airlines, and special missions operations.

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