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ANYWAVES and Airbus Defence and Space: a competitive association for innovative and ambitious observation constellations

Selected by the French Space Agency (CNES) in July 2019 to develop the CO3D Earth observation program, Airbus Defence and Space will equip its constellation with ANYWAVES’ S-Band TTC antennas.

aerobd.news : ANYWAVES has been selected by Airbus Defence and Space to supply the antennas that will provide telecommand and telemetry to the four satellites making up the CO3D constellation (Constellation Optique 3D).

A five-year framework contract
In addition to the CO3D mission, a five-year framework contract formalizes this industrial partnership.

For the next similar satellites Airbus intends to produce, ANYWAVES will provide “on demand” the S-band TT&C antennas required to control the platform. Through this contract, ANYWAVES commits to volumes of up to dozens of antennas per order, enabling very ambitious constellations.

A complete offer
In addition to the antennas to be supplied to CO3D, ANYWAVES will also deliver test caps to Airbus Defence and Space.

These additional equipment, used at integration time, allow to check the antenna proper functioning before the final acceptance tests performed on the platform. To ANYWAVES, winning such a contract is an occasion to confirm its positioning as an antenna equipment manufacturer able to provide a complete range of products.

A “transgenerational” collaboration
As the CNES’ new President is calling for more transversality between major groups and Space Tech new players, this collaboration between Airbus and ANYWAVES is a great example of both parties’ capacity to cooperate in an agile and efficient way.

Through this show of confidence, ANYWAVES’ ability to work fully in line with the biggest companies demands is once again demonstrated.

Thanks to this large-scale contract, the French equipment manufacturer, which is aiming for antennas leadership in the satellite constellations market, is one step closer to its goal.

About Anywaves 

ANYWAVES develops revolutionary antennas for the satellite constellations market . Based on a breakthrough technology and an expert team , ANYWAVES designs and manufactures according to space standards a new generation of high quality antennas , on demand or off-the-shelf . Unique European « pure player » antenna equipment manufacturer, ANYWAVES has sold more than 90 flight models since its inception in 2017 and reached a 1-million euro turn-over in 2020 . Based in Toulouse (France), the European Space capital, the company aims to become the leader of miniature antennas for critical systems .

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