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Vladimir Putin made an opening speech at MAKS-2021 : The 15th International Aviation and Space Salon was officially opened by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. “Over the past almost three decades MAKS has become an important and popular presentation platform for the latest achievements of domestic and foreign aviation”, he said. – “It sparks lively discussions about the future of the global aviation industry. It traditionally shows exciting flight program, while contracts concluded during the event open up great opportunities for cooperation and implementation of mutually beneficial projects”.

In his speech at the official air show opening ceremony, Vladimir Putin emphasized that MAKS fully meets its high international status despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “In total, over 250 foreign companies from more than 50 countries are represented here – directly or remotely”, said Vladimir Putin. The partner country of MAKS-2021 is the Republic of Kazakhstan, which takes part in the implementation of mutually beneficial projects with Russia in the field of aviation and astronautics, including the assembly of helicopters of Mi family and a joint project Baiterek on launch services from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Concurrently, Russia is open to cooperation in the field of aviation and astronautics with all countries. “Improving flight safety, reducing the negative impact of aviation on the environment, exploring extraterrestrial space – these are the areas where scientists, designers, and other specialists from different countries must unite to achieve new breakthrough results”, said the Russian president with confidence.

Vladimir Putin specifically emphasized the prospects of domestic civil aircrafts by highlighting the premiere of MAKS-2021: MS-21-310 with domestic engines PD-14, a regional aircraft Il-114-300 and a light multipurpose aircraft Baikal, as well as new helicopters. “I am confident that modern, efficient and safe Russian-made aviation products will help domestic airlines to meet the growing demand for flights and hold decent place in the world market and thereby fortify Russia’s positions as one of the recognized aerospace industry leaders”, said Vladimir Putin.

In the Year of Science and Technology, a significant part of the exhibits is represented by the developments of research institutes. “These are solutions in the field of electric and hybrid engines, low-noise civilian supersonic line aircraft – we are actively working on its development”, said the President of Russia. – “MAKS looks into the future, and the future lies with unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic systems, application of the artificial intelligence in aviation. All these areas are also widely represented at the air show”.

In conclusion of his speech, Vladimir Putin thanked the organizers and participants of MAKS-2021 for the extensive work they made. “We have several days ahead of us including intensive business program, scientific symposia, demonstration of product innovations, performances of the best air display teams… I wish success to the air show, success to MAKS, to all of you – good and fruitful time and effective teamwork”, he concluded.


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