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Eurosatory 2022: SIBAT will Inaugurate the Israeli National Pavilion at Central International Defense & Security Exhibition : SIBAT, the Israel Ministry of Defense’s International Defense Cooperation Directorate, will inaugurate Israel’s national pavilion at the Eurosatory 2022 land and air-land defense and security exhibition in Paris, France on Monday, June 13th. Leading Israeli security industries will present their systems and technologies at the 240-square meter pavilion, with 56 Israeli industries participating in the exhibition overall.

The industries will present advanced technological solutions that address the security challenges faced today by many countries around the world. The ground-breaking technologies include solutions in the fields of UAVs, satellite technology, robotics, protective and rescue equipment, homeland security, and more.

Some of the cutting-edge Israeli technologies that will be presented at the exhibition include autonomous drone interceptors, electro-optical missiles, personal tactical communication over satellites, closed and open-loop MEMS accelerometers, hybrid drone robots for indoor and underground tunnel scanning missions, combat-ID solutions for NVG and thermal devices, thermal imaging systems based on AI and Deep Learning, and more.

Head of SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (Res.) YairKulas: “Eurosatory is one of the largest and most important defense exhibitions in the world, and we are very proud of almost 60 Israeli defense industries participating this year. We will present a wide array of ground-breaking technologies which integrate broad operational experience and provide solutions for varying challenges both on the current and future battlefields. Among the Israeli defense industries participating are also 15 SMEs that will present their cutting-edge, unique solutions at the SIBAT national pavilion, a reflection of the innovation and creativity of the Israeli defense industry.”

The Israeli defense industries participating in the Eurosatory 2022 exhibition include: Aeronautics Ltd, Ari-Phantom Technologies, Beit Alfa Technologies, Beesense Sensor Solutions, Beth-El ZikhronYaaqov Industries, Bird Aerosystems, Bluebird Aero Systems, Camero-Tech, CI Systems, Commtact, Condor Pacific, Controp Precision Technologies, Copterpix, CTI Computech International, Elbit Systems, Epsilor-Electric Fuel, Fibrotex Technologies, Gate Technologies, General Robotics, Gilat Telecom, Goldtec Technologies, Hagor Industries, Israel Aerospace Industries, Impertech Industries, Infinidome, Istar U.A.V, Israel Weapon Industries, Magam Safety, Magna BSP, Marom Dolphin, Meprolight (1990), Mifram, Netline Communications Technologies, OphirOptronics Solutions, OrtechDefence Systems, Oran (OSG), Paxis, Physical Logic, PlasanSasa, Rada Electronic Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Redler Technologies, Reshet Graf, Roboteam Defense, Robotican, Optical Lab, Semi Conductor Devices (SCD), Shladot, Skylock Systems, Smart Shooter, Source Vagabond Systems, Steadicopter, T.A.R. Ideal Concepts, Third Eye Vision, Tomer – A Government Owned Company Ltd, and Uvision Air.

The industries:
• BAT: Beit Alfa Technologies – A leading designer and manufacturer of over 15 Riot Control Vehicle models, based on their state-of-the-art computerized “Jet Pulse Water Cannon System”.
o BAT will be presenting their non-lethal, accurate, effective, and user-friendly riot control vehicles at the exhibition.

• Condor Pacific Ltd – A leading global provider of advanced gyroscopes and inertial systems. Their new low-cost inertial North Seekers and Land Navigators add inertial capabilities to any platform in GPS-deprived environments.
o Condor Pacific is launching the LN-60, a low-cost inertial North Seeker/Land Navigator, and the NS-40, a low-cost tactical indexing North Seeker.

• CTI: Computech International – Experts in ruggedized computers, mission computer-based on Nvidia Xavier NX/Orin tablets, and accessories for heavy-armored combat and wheeled vehicles, as well as wearable computers, tablets, and accessories for the digital dismounted soldier.
o Computech International will display technologies such as their Ground Control Station based on Panasonic FZ-G2, Ground Control Station based on Panasonic CF-33 MK2, Rugged Docking for APC based on CF-33 MK2, and more.

• Gate Technologies – An innovative electronic safe & arm device (ESAD) company. For over 25 years, GATE has been providing unique solutions from innovative infantry-operated ESADs to cutting-edge low-volume missile & loitering ammunition ESADs.
o EUROSATORY 2022 is the industry’s first-ever international debut, in which Gate Technologies will present their technologies and solutions publicly.

• Gilat Telecom – The company’s Government Division provides end-to-end strategic and tactical solutions including communications over satellite, fiber optic, and radio infrastructure to governments, defense, HLS, and first response organizations around the world.
o Gilat Telecom will be unveiling personal tactical communication over satellites for the first time.

• Goldtec Technologies – A manufacturer of digital video, data, and audio recorders with tactical HD displays for extreme conditions that can be used as hand-held vehicles and vessels.
o Goldtec Technologies will be unveiling an optical signaling system for detecting blue forces at 3-12 micron wavelengths and SWIR. The soldier system and long-range detection system for installation on mobile and fixed platforms will also be presented.

• Hagor – A leading Israeli manufacturer and supplier of ballistic body armor, life-saving protective solutions, and advanced carrier systems for the Israel Defense Forces, security forces, and first responders.
o Hagor will display the industry’s advanced solutions currently used by the Israel Defense Forces and elite units.

• Magam Safety – A leading manufacturer of rubber and textile protective, rescue, and survivability equipment. They are experts in rubber fuel tanks that have been successfully operationally proven while installed on the Israeli Merkava tank as well as on many other platforms. Magam offers self-sealing solutions up to 20 mm that are compatible with any fuel-tank type.
o Magam Safety will unveil the only self-sealing solutions in the world up to 30mm that are compatible with any fuel-tank type.

• Magna BSP – Provide surveillance and observation thermal imaging systems based on AI and Deep Learning that provide automatic 3D detection in real-time. The systems target parameters and tracking for border protection and border crossings, critical Infrastructure protection, strategic sites, airports, seaports, Drones and UAV detection and blocking, and intruder detection.
o Magna BSP will present Video Analytics software developed for mid-range surveillance systems, based on Stereoscopic Thermal Imaging cameras, AI, and Deep Learning for the first time.
• Physical Logic – Develop and manufacture advanced in-plane bulk micromachining Open-Loop and Closed-Loop MEMS (“Micro-Electro-Mechanical System”) accelerometers, for high-end applications such as inertial navigation, vibration sensing, tilt sensing, seismic sensing, resource exploration, and north finding.
o Physical Logic will unveil its new generation of Closed Loop MEMS accelerometers (MAXL-CL-4000) for the first time and will present its two existing product lines: MAXL-OL-2000 Open Loop and MAXL-CL-3000 Closed Loop MEMS accelerometers.

• Redler Technologies – Specialize in developing & marketing Electrical Power Distribution solutions such as EPD/PDU, SSCB (Solid State Circuit Breakers) & Electrical Motion Control Management solutions for Mobile Military platforms. The industry’s ‘Power-Rider’ family offers a smart and highly reliable maintenance tool for combat Vehicles, UAVs, and RWS.
o Redler Technologies will present their Electrical Power Distribution (EPD/PDU), SSCB (Solid State Circuit Breakers), and electrical servo motion control management solutions.

• Reshet Graf – Develops and manufactures combat-ID solutions for NVG and thermal devices, including Passive Thermal Targets for shooting and zeroing. The solutions provide custom passive optical IFF products including IR Patches, vehicle ‘V’ markers, thermal ID panels, and passive thermal targets.
o Reshet Graf will present their customizable combat-ID solutions for NVG and thermal devices.

• Robotican – Specializes in autonomous unmanned robotics and multi-rotor drones for challenging operational needs. Their top products include the Goshawk and the Rooster.
o For the first time in Europe, Robotican will unveil the Rooster, a hybrid drone-robot for indoor and underground tunnel scanning missions, and the Goshawk, an autonomous drone interceptor for C-UAS missions at EUROSATORY 2022.

• Shladot – Provide Integrated Riot Control Vehicles (RCV) including armored vehicles, the “David” Totoya-based vehicle widely used by the Israel Defense Forces, the “Tiger” 9-12 ton platforms, aircraft armor, and mobilized defense solutions including shelters, trailers, heavy-duty tank transporters, and more.
o Shladot will present Integrated Riot Control Systems for mobile and stationary applications, in addition to armored vehicles, aircraft armoring, C4i centers, and various trailer and specialty vehicles.

• ThirdEye Systems – A leading provider of AI analytics for vision and robotic systems. The company enhances robots with real-world understanding and enables them to carry out various missions with AI at the edge and immediate reaction time.
o Third Eye Systems will unveil a new version of the “Chimera” payload for the first time for UAVs and AI at the edge, with better performance and higher endurance than the previous “Chimera 6”.

Contact Information:
For any additional in-depth information/visuals from Israeli security industries attending the EUROSATORY 2022 convention, please find contact details in the brochure.

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